Cryptocurrencies Like Dogecoin Gaining Acceptance

I’ve been looking into and messing around a bit with cryptocurrencies lately.  Most everyone has heard of Bitcoin by now, and who hasn’t seen that Litecoin went up something like 30,000 % in 2013?

dogecoin gambling imageHave You Heard Of Dogecoin?

What started out as something of a joke, Dogecoin has turned into one of the most popular and most used crypto currencies online.  It has a huge community of users on Reddit as well as an ever growing number of groups and members communicating about all things crypto on Facebook.

What About Crypto Gambling?

Now I – like a lot of folks, like to visit a regular casino from time to time, so after getting into Dogecoin (it’s cheap as of this writing – you can get 1000 dogecoin for less than $2.00) I wondered if there where any crypto currency casinos yet.

It turns out there are quite a few – just do a search online.  Many of these “cryptocurrency casinos” only accept Bitcoins as of this writing, but time will soon bear out that most of them will be accepting Litecoin as well as Dogecoin (and likely many others).

Where To Gamble With Dogecoin?

When any new thing rises up and becomes popular there are sure to be many people building other businesses around it.  It’s the natural order of things I guess.

I found a good resource/website that is starting to list all of the places – casinos – where you can place bets with your cryptocurrencies.  Take a look at My money is on this site becoming on one of the “go to places” for resources and links to all things crypto currency casinos and gambling.

Good Luck Out There,



I Like Art – Artists I Respect

I have been perusing different artist’s websites lately – seeing what they do – seeing if they have any clue about how to market online, and predictable (I suppose) most of them have no clue about how to market themselves online.

michael talo art, carving

Have you ever seen an eagle carving made out of a moose antler? Me either, this Mike Talo guy is good!

Good Artists

There are of course some pretty good artists who have hired someone to work on the promotion of their artistic talents such as what you can find on  (that guy is well rounded – does lots of stuff – I may even contact him to do some work for me)

The Point

I guess the point of this article is to point out that there are lots and lots of people in business (such as artists) who are really struggling to grow their internet presence – and that means that there is lots of room for people like me (and maybe you) to help them promote themselves and their art.

Maybe all it takes is a phone call.  If only I can find that number…

Good Luck Out There,

Jonathan Luckton


Selling Actual Products On Amazon

For all of the loyal readers of this blog who are wondering where I’ve been for the last several months I figured a report was in order.

Using Amazon FBA To Sell Actual Physical Products

I got involved with sourcing product and sending it in to Amazon.  They have a program called FBA.  This is where you send in your own product(s) and they put it in their warehouse(s).

This product (my products) are then available for people to purchase on Amazon and then be shipped by Amazon.

I have had some early success and the future looks promising.  All of this is not to say that I have abandoned my earlier affiliate marketing research and pursuits.  It’s more of an additional thing that I’m doing.

Stay tuned.  I’ll try and update this blog every month or so.

Good Luck out there.

While you are at it – check out This is another guy that sells actual physical products and only makes the transactions on Amazon.  Interesting.

J. Luckton


Health Product Reviews – What I’ve Learned

So I’ve been doing a lot of studying on how to go about selling health products online.  I talked about it a little bit in this post a while back.

Doing Health Product Reviews

What I have found so far is quite interesting. 

  1. It is very difficult for a brand new online business person to crack into the health product market.  (mostly I am sure for lack of experience)
  2. Some people have figured out how to do it, but aren’t saying much.
  3. It is very, very lucrative if you find a way.

Cross Selling

One of the the guys I came across has an interesting way of “cross selling” into the market.  As far as I can tell what he’s doing is finding “easy to rank for” products – usually new health products, new brands, etc. that don’t have a lot of promotion behind them (yet) and doing a health product review about them.

Sometimes he’ll even actually try the product himself and give his positive or negative report about it, but oftentimes all he does is check out the claims the company makes and report on whether they are being truthful or not.

Male Enhancement Products

Much of what he does product reviews on is many of the male enhancement products out there – it seems that many of them are promoting their wares in a “not so honest way”.  Check out Victor Mayfield’s Max Pene review  for instance, or another review he did about a product called Rexbull that has dozens of negative comments.

It seems that many of these companies have no shame at all to tell a bold faced lie.

I’m glad I came across Victor’s work and I am going to see if I can emulate him on my own website(s).

Wish me luck.







Social Media Confuses Me

I don’t get this whole social media thing.  Not to admit that I am a dummy, but it seems that Jack Folsgood with his recent #instagramfail post has a whole lot better grip on it than me.

You can read Jack’s blog at

What’s Instagram?

First of all… I HAD heard of instagram before – somewhere in the news – but I had not idea that they had so many users until I read that FAceBook bought them out recently – FOR A BILLION DOLLARS!!!

Holy Crap!

Somebody who was smart saw potential somewhere – but it seems that they had it all wrong. 

I’m not sure how all of this is going to shake out, and according to Jack’s site, Facebook has already announced some sort of clarification – but I read it and it didn’t really clarify anything to me.  But I am just a noob at all of this.  Go figure.

Wish Me Luck,



Buying Old Websites – Aged Domains

Another interesting concept that I have recently come across is to buy an old website – or an “aged domain”.  According to some of the experts out there this is a good way to get a “head start” in online marketing efforts.

Now that I have learned how to buy a domain name, get it set up, handle the DNS, etc., and start publishing content, much of the stuff I have heard about in the past starts to make a whole lot more sense.

Where’s The Value?

My first thought about the concept of buying aged domains was “why”?  But after having it explained to me that there are many, many, old websites that “expire” (people do not pay the renewal fee), and these sites have “rank”, and more importantly lots of links already pointing to them.


These old sites having been around for a while apparently have a whole lot more trust from the search engines for a variety of reasons that I really don’t completely understand yet.  But somehow it makes sense.

Why spend so much time trying to come up with a fancy new domain name, spend the time finding out that someone else already thought about it before you did – and it is not available.  That’s always frustrating.  I have a clever idea for a website, but the name is not available.

EMD Not Important?

It turns out that having an exact match domain name to your keyword is not all that important anyway, at least according to many of the guys that have been in the business for awhile.  I guess it used to be really useful, and lots of people used them, but too many people got ahead of themselves and filled these sites with all kinds of not useful content and the search engines de-ranked many of them.

Buying Aged Domains

I have recently purchased a couple of (cheap) e-books on the subject and I am learning a lot.  It turns out there are some really useful tools available to find these valuable domains.  Many of these sites have been around for a decade or more and have thousands of other sites already linking to them.

Instant Traffic

It turns out that many of these domains/websites already have lots of internet traffic going to them already because of all of the links to them from other sites, and it is what a friend of mine did a few years ago with the site

Why someone would abandon a website that already had traffic is beyond me, but if I can pick up a good site or two because of it, then I am ahead in the game.

Wish me Luck,



Doing Product Reviews

Another thing that I am working on in my online marketing efforts is doing product reviews.  This concept seems easy enough.  I can buy a product and review it.  Maybe even put my review up on YouTube or other video sites.

Cheap Advertising

Now that’s my kind of advertising.  It’s free!  You Tube does not charge to have an account.  How cool is that.  The only investment I have is my time and enough guts to put myself out there.  I am old enough now that I don’t care what people think anyway.  Besides I can then post a classified ad (for free) and link it to my video review.

My Wife Thinks I’m Crazy

Now that I am retired and looking for something else to keep myself busy, my wife thinks I should take up fishing or golfing instead.  It seems that I am spending (according to her), waaayyyy too much time in front of the computer.

The thing is – I love it.  I am learning so many new things – and I’ve heard that sometimes there are companies that will send you stuff to review if you get good enough at it and get a big enough following.

Exciting Times

The thing that excites me about all of this online marketing stuff is the variety of things I can do to make money.  It’s absolutely crazy!  I’ve already started a couple of other websites.  One of them is to do product reviews.  I don’t think I’ll use the angle(s) that Victor Mayfield uses, (maybe I will) but I’ll find my own voice.

One of the main thoughts I have about doing reviews is that I can be real honest with my feelings about the product that I am reviewing.  That’s one thing that I have always been able to do – speak my mind.  I think I’m going to love it.  And when I get tired of reviewing stuff – I can move on to other things – or go back and forth.

Wish me luck!



Using Classified Ads

I have decided to use some classified advertising in my marketing efforts.  It seems simple enough.  I’ve placed plenty of ads of this sort in my life.

My wife has advertised garage sales, I have sold cars and trucks, tools and equipment that I had not used in a long time, etc.  Why not just go with the cheap (and often times free) classified ads?   This way I am not going to get hurt financially.

Marketing Agencies Are Not For Me (at this point)

I just had a guy/salesman at a marketing agency tell me that I needed to spend at least one thousand dollars a month with them if I wanted to have any chance at success!  He probably thought he had a sucker on the line.

That’s crazy talk.  I’m not looking to spend thousands of dollars to sell someone else’s products at this point.  I’d be happy to make that much.  Real happy.

So classified advertising it is.  There are lots of sites out there with big readership – like USFree Ads and the like.  I’m going to use them and see if I can get some traction.   Wish me luck.



Marketing Online

As new as I am to this online marketing research and trying to figure out what I am going to do exactly in my retirement years there is one thing that I have found out so far that I am sure of.

Marketing Online Is Hard

There is so much stuff available.  It seems that everyone and his brother has the “best way”.  I could create a product of my own (electronic/e-books), or I can do some affiliate marketing and sell other people’s stuff.

The thing that I have found so far is that it does not seem to matter what product(s) I sell – I still have to get people to my website(s) – don’t I?

How Do I Get Traffic

This has been a very interesting investigation so far.  Some say that social media is the way to go, others say article marketing is best – or guest blogging, or classified ads, or pay for advertising.  My head is spinning. Maybe I am not confident enough in my product.  How do I know if people will buy it?  I guess you never know until you try something – anything -  and see if it works.

I have set a budget of ten dollars a day for advertising to get started.  It’s probably not nearly enough, but it is something.  We shall see – we shall see.



What In The World Is Foreign SEO?

So was recently talking to the owner of a marketing company.  This particular business owner handles huge volumes of foreign seo for a variety of companies both online and offline.

Since my interest at this time is how to successfully sell health products and health supplements on the internet, that particular aspect of his business intrigued me.

It took a lot of work to get a few examples of successful sites that I could look at out of him and he agreed to let me publish a link to one of them.

Now it isn’t a site that is exclusively all about health products, but the certain way this guy goes about getting rankings in the search engines and selling his wares is very interesting to me.  Take a look at Reviewers Facts and you’ll see what I mean.

It seems to me that it would take a lot of guts to call out other companies like that – and it probably does.  The thing about Victor Mayfield is that he has a pretty big following of people who trust him, supporters, etc. and that probably helps with his courage to do things (marketing online) the way that he does.

Foreign SEO?

So what about the title of this article?  I may be getting ahead of myself here in my own online career, but I do like to have as many facts as possible before investing a lot of time and money into anything.

It turns out that Victor from is also in the foreign markets.  He publishes information and reviews in other languages!  He says that the competition is far, far less in many of these other countries and it is easier to get rankings quickly for the keywords he is targeting.

That is very interesting to me. I am going to have to check it out some more and do more research.  For now – I am going to keep looking into this foreign seo concept and see what I turn up.